Number of prizes:5
Activity time:2023-06-02 13:29:00 till 2023-06-08 18:00:00
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User name:风之诗
User name:👾
User name:刘乾宇
User name:曉慕
User name:Scorpion.
1.This lottery is limited to cdkeynogap users. Participating users can get a corresponding number of lottery tickets by completing various tasks in the lottery. The lottery tickets have their own numbers.
2.The winning results will be announced on the lottery page and notified via private message on the site. Winners, please contact the official account to claim the prize.
3.Each user can get at most one prize in each draw
4.It is forbidden to obtain lottery tickets through any illegal means such as technical means and program BUG script plug-ins, and to disrupt the lottery. Once found, the account will be banned and the reward will be cancelled.
5.During the event, if there is force majeure or special circumstances that cause the event to be postponed or closed, cdkeynogap can claim exemption from liability in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.
6.During any event, no official personnel will charge in any form for any reason
7.If you have any questions about the lottery system, please contact us for feedback
8.When announcing the awards, Cdkeynogap will announce the winners User name and award coupon numbers, please pay attention to check them.
9.If there are any unfinished matters, the official interpretation of cdkeynogap shall prevail, and cdkeynogap officially reserves the right of final interpretation of the event.
Lottery Algorithm
For example, 80 users sign up, and there are 323 lottery tickets in total.
All ticket numbers are 8-bit random hash characters. For example: 9b1deb4d
Randomly shuffle 323 lottery tickets (shuffle algorithm is as follows: and put them in 323 grids. Number the cells from 1 to 323. The random number will randomize numbers from 1 to 323. For example, if it is randomized to 58, then the lottery ticket in the No. 58 grid will be listed as the winning number, and at the same time, all the lottery tickets under the user whose number belongs to the No. 58 grid will be removed from the 323 grid. If there are still 315 lottery tickets after elimination, execute the 315 lottery tickets once according to the above process, and get a winning lottery ticket for each execution. Until the number of prizes for this event is drawn enough.

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