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Where did the CDKEY on these sites come from?
All game CDkeys are provided by game developers, and only game developers can create valid CDKeys. These cdkeys are sold to different suppliers, platforms such as Steam, Orifin, Uplay, etc., and some are also sold to wholesalers, and online stores that you can see on our website.
Is it safe to buy CDKEY?
We take pride in the security, reliability and quality of service of all retailer sites that appear on our site. That's why we strongly recommend you to use our price comparison system.
Will buying CDKEY be blocked by Steam?
We display different channels based on the user's IP address. Basically what you can see is available in your IP region.
Why is the price of cdkey so cheap?
All in all, game developers get the same amount of money no matter what channel the game is purchased from.
What if I bought a cdkey and don't want it anymore?
Why are the cdkey prices of some websites sometimes more expensive than direct purchases from steam?

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Authorized Retailer

Our statistical scope covers more than 100 CDKEY dealers worldwide, creating the largest price comparison database dedicated to games on platforms such as steam, origin, and ubisoft

Best Price

Our aim is to help players find the lowest purchase price on the market. To this end, we also negotiate with some dealers to obtain coupon codes, which can help players further reduce prices.

Buyer Protection

Serving players is our primary purpose. First of all, we ensure the safety of players purchases by verifying the source of CDKEY. Secondly, if there is any problem in the process, players can contact us by email at any time.